Currently Mood —- PANCAKES

One of my best friend came to visit me here, in Paris… in one of my morning spending with him , i made him Oat pancakes like i normally do , with some protein and eggs. He NEVER heard before about it, and was nice cause i was the first to put him a plate like that in his breakfast but in the other hand was kind of sad cause thats mean this healthy movement its not touching  everybody’s mind… i mean HE IS A FAMOUS FASHION BLOGGER, for instance his contact  with this path, with this community  its his ‘literally ‘ life! well whats concernes me whats the fact that , our course we know our audience  and sometimes we dont care to much about other circles , but come on guys, this is SOCIAL MEDIA, we supposed to networking too other interest and OAT PANCAKES its not a secret ! … anyway … im happy that i least he tried my healthy lifestyle, he made sports with me i did coach him and thats enough satisfaction for me… when you see people trying thats a half way won!!!

have a great evening!



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