Well , its been a long time since my last post… I’ve been quite busy in some other projects without forgetting  about you guys ! im so excited to be back and well this is my welcome back to you with this post about how to make a easy 5 minutes dinner..

well ,  i love so much mushroom , its one of my favorite things to eat in this world , probably my real FAVORITE THING!! so.. its hard cause my boyfriend hates mushroom with the bottom of his heart seriously soo…. its hard to make a meal been both disagree with this so…and mushroom are  potentially rich  in every single vitamins thats its just amazing!

I did a MARINATED MUSHROOM……  Here we GO!!

what i did its to marinated the day before with

. salt – peper- mustard – vinegar  and actually if you’re not into vinegar u can put some lemon … you cut in little pieces too some onions and tomatoes , the day after you pick you’re favorite lettuche and roll it with the marinated mushroom and put some salt outside if you feel its not tasty enough … My boyfriend though was zucchini while ITS NOT … cause , LET ME BE CLEAR, feed a man its like feed a child , they will say to you ‘ i dont like it ‘ even if they never tried it before, so i made my dish with some squid and thats it!!!

Lets keep on touch and give me your feedback when you tried it !!!



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