TOP 5 how do not waste you’re vegetables from the fridge

Hello community !!!

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time   cleaning  my kitchen , i was not optimizing my time for the goodness of my schedule … its sometimes a mess ; but still a theraphy for me , get my food organize its just hilarious . Im seriously conscious about wasting food , and more when im a money saver, i pay attention of my budget and the organization of my lifestyle. i have to run everyday to the gym since 6am, then work, then blog, then photos, then studio ,  taking care of my huzz etc!!!! pretty busy day ! But its evident sometimes its hard to do not waste vegetables or food from the fridge cause they’re past …

Here what i do , my top 5.. i hope this can help you out and if you know others write me back in my comments, this is a feedback community where healthy life its so important ! Thanks for your comments and likes !!

  1. SEPARATE THE VEGETABLES : Colors , textures, its necessary to know, vegetables get tired very easy, if our fridge its not in the right setting or its trying to get cold a lot of things at the same time , there’s a problem we should fix. Why i do its , separte the tomatoes, the spinach, the carrots etc… to let them breath and not get tired fast … make sure there is not a vegetable in bad shape .

2. BE THE BEST FRIEND OF REUSABLE PLASTIC BAGS: YES! BFF… these plastic bags are perfectly made for this , and sometimes we have it for use whatever things in our house and vegetables are dying themselves… after you cleaned and separated them , you should put in inside the bags, make sure they’re dry and fresh . Sometimes for save our plastic bag we drawning them in  their own environment , what its better  to give them some air and do not abuse of the poor bag.

3. FREEZ- LONG TERM:  its true that the things that are alive last forever while they are in a very cold temperature, well you can ask to all the green smoothies bar in your country , yes they use fresh fruits and vegetables but  lets be honest , this is a business and they should know how to spend their budget .. and multiple their profits … anyway .. in our place .. those vegetables can’t be there more than 3 days max. cause they can loose vitamins, color and even taste … so frozen vegetables are not totally bad ( for who hate to cook), but the truth is, healthy activist like us , we prefer eat fresh … so .. don’t let your vegetables more than 3 days at your freezer.

4. CUT AND EAT : TUPPERWARE  aren’t pay nothing for be here at my blog , but honestly this brand WORK… and of course whatever other too, the point is to cut the vegetables , and add it to the tupperware trying to calculate the quantity of what are you gonna use the whole week . Why? give you organization , you can learn to make you own inventory and don’t waste vegetables you know you can use.

5. VEGETABLES AREA: This is the last one but believe me its one of the most important of the top 5. The vegetable area have to be clean and clear, have to be alone , has to be respected and you have more than anybody to understand , vegetables need they’re own space , to feel fresh and free.

Buy vegetables you know you will eat , fruits you know you going to consume very quick , don’t let vegetables be dead and don’t  lose your money .

I hope this list can be useful and if you know other tips .. and here to hear you !!!





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